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Fashion photography is that portrays clothing, fashion accessories, and beauty products. This photography is usually done with a model wearing the displayed item. It's a very competitive genre amongst photography. This genre has always changed according to new trends and the transforming taste of people around. There are different types of fashion photography like Editorial photography, E-commerce photography creating catalogs for online platforms, Runway photography where photographs have to be taken while models moving through the runway, and High fashion photography in which glamour and creativity combine.

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Fashion Videography

Fashion videography involves capturing the movements of a fashion model or product or depicting a creative fashion brand story. Videos are the latest trend in content marketing. Being naturally visually driven, the fashion industry has already accepted videos to showcase trends and creativity.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography captures models, products, and brand narratives, embodying a timeless trend in marketing. Through visual storytelling, it showcases creativity and trends, serving as a cornerstone of the fashion industry's identity and presence. There are Many Types of Phtography and Videography:

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Editorial Photo & Videography

Editorial photography involves capturing fashion images or videos published alongside text in print media. In this genre, a fashion model embodies a character, wearing attire one might wish to wear daily but doesn't. Fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle portray editorials conveying style, emotion, and vibe.

High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography is all about showcasing the creative vision, glamour, and drama rather than selling a product. High fashion photography is done with supermodels and celebrities; their talent brings extra flavor to the images.

Fashion Catalogue Photography

This genre of photography displays fashion items in a clear, appealing manner. Catalogue photography is one of the simplest kinds; the objective is to sell the product that is displayed. It's mostly used on e-commerce platforms for showcasing their products Catalogue videos are usually seen on social media; moving images can depict the product in a much more appealing style.

Potfolio Shoot For Models

Portfolio shoots showcase different styles, looks, and skills. They also show the models' movement, poses, and emotions in front of a camera. It really displays how versatile he or she is. Portfolio videoshoots can be performed especially for actors where movements are more important. A movie camera can be used to film the actors' movements showcasing his skill, emotions, versatility, and ability.

Runway Photography & Videography

Runway photoshoots capture models walking down the runway or strutting the catwalk, highlighting what they wear or carry in a journalistic manner. As models are always moving, videography is most suited to this kind of shoot. Vertical videos are often chosen by videographers

Ghost Mannequin Photography

This kind of photo looks as if someone is wearing the cloth but you cannot see the wearer. These are created by taking eye-level shots with live models and models' limbs are removed in Photoshop, thus creating an effect of the garment being worn

Street Fashion Photography

Street photography captures what people are wearing and how they appear in the real world. In this genre, daily life photos of people are captured, displaying individual styles.These kinds of photos delve into subjects' fashion choices and showcase their personality through fashion. This is the most dynamic and expressive type of fashion photography.

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